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We offer baking classes!

Professional baking classes offered on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:00, and ending at 1:00. Space is limited to 12 individuals.

Our classes are all hands-on.  Students will learn lots of inside information first hand, and will create fantastic finished products in every class.  Everyone attending will take home the creations of the day and have the option of indulging friends and family with their personal masterpieces. 

*We have a new schedule for 2018 baking classes.  Spots are limited, please call the shop at (207)773-2253 or email Andrea at to reserve your space for these great events! Fee for this class is $65.00/adult and $30.00/children 16 & under.  All ages welcome!! More classes to come later in the year!!!

-----March 18, 2018:  Easter Treats------Full Class as of 3/11/18

This is one of my favorite classes, because we will be making a host of different treats.  We will make lady finger cakes into cute birds, and flowers, cupcake baskets, Challah bread, and some flourless chocolate, and meringue treats.

-------April 8, 2018:  Fruit desserts and Mousses-------2 spots available as of 3/11/18

At this point, let's face it; we're all in the mood for spring!!  If it hasn't quite caught up with our want for it, let's bring it to us with some fresh, fruity desserts and mousses. Once Mother Nature sees these lovely creations, she'll have to admit, Spring is overdue!!

---------April 22, 2018:  Classic Puff Pastry------Full Class as of 3/11/18

Puff pastry is one of the most versatile laminated doughs and an essential part of pastry arts.  You will learn how to produce the dough and utilize it in some diverse applications, from cream horns to canapés.

-------May 6, 2018:  Mother Love-------2 spots available as of 3/11/18

We will focus on some individual treats to create for all of our mothers....So many of us have women in our lives whom we hold near and dear, whether they are our birth mothers, or not.  They all deserve a little extra love from us, so let's give them a treat followed by a big hug to show them how we feel.

-------May 20, 2018:  Cake Assembly, and Decoration--------Full Class as of 3/11/18

Cakes are my specialty, and I'd love to help you make them yours as well.  We will go over assembling a layer cake and some basic decorating techniques that will turn your dread of making a homemade birthday cake into something you can look forward to making and giving to your family.

-------June 3, 2018:  Wedding Favors------11 spots available as of 3/11/18

June has been the traditional wedding month for years, and although trends are changing, and more and more weddings are happening in the fall, it's the perfect time to start planning some homemade favors to present to your guests.  Doing it yourself doesn't have to be difficult.  With proper planning you can save money, and wow your guests!

------June 24, 2018:  Summer Pies----Full Class as of 3/11/18

Local fruit is coming!!  Be prepared to use it all this season with these fantastic pies.  You can start with strawberries, then raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, apples, pears and peaches.  Let nothing go to waste this summer--Make Pie!!







We source our ingredients locally

We source what we can locally, from our coffee from Coffee By Design, to our fruit from local farmers. We also have rotating art from local artists available for purchase.


We support everyone

Equality is at the core of what we believe in. We donate excess food to Prebble Street Resource Center, we've been active in Portland Pride, and donate to local charities and auctions. 

We are very avid supporters of LGBTQ!! We're donating a portion of our proceeds to help support this great organization!!